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Black Bears

The month of May in Northern Canada is an exciting time of year if you enjoy watching and photographing black bears. It's at this time of year that the Black Bears awaken from their long winter slumbers and start exploring the lush forests that surrounds them, foraging for new shoots, vegetation, grasses and roots. On a good day, you can literally spot a black bear every 4 minutes. There is a special place between the City of Terrace, British Columbia and the Mezidian Junction turn off, that is like no other place on earth. Between the huge population of black bears and the beautiful scenery, along with the history of this unique part of Canada, it makes for a perfect location to spend some time being at one with nature. In one week-end we were lucky enough to see 40 different black bears. It was the most unbelievable experience, every black bear that we saw we thought would surely be the last, but incredibly there would be another and then another... Amazing!
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