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Alaskan Brown Bears

Have you ever visited a place that literally took your breath away? If not, be sure to add Southeast Alaska to your list of places to visit in your lifetime. Hyder is a quaint little ghost town with a population of 100 people and 30 Alaskan Grizzly bears, and is nestled in the Coastal Mountains in the Southeast corner of Alaska. This is one of the most serene and beautiful places that we have ever visited. From the breath taking scenic views of the many glaciers and snow capped mountains to the valley bottoms with the salmon filled creeks and the nutrient rich old growth forests makes this a spectacular place for wildlife viewing and amazing landscape photography. Within 4 miles of the town of Hyder is The Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site a wildlife-viewing platform that runs along Fish Creek. Here in the summer months (late July and August), Fish Creek is full of life. Alaskan Chum, King, Coho and Sock-eye salmon all return from the Pacific Ocean swimming up the Portland Canal, to the Salmon River and on to their final destination the glacier fed shallows of Fish Creek where they will finally spawn and die. The returning salmon give the many grizzly bears in the area the necessary diet, rich in protein that is desperately needed to increase fat stores ready for the coming harsh Alaskan winter. The parts of the salmon that are not eaten by the bears are left for the Bald Eagles and many waterfowl that frequent the creek. The remains are then left to return to the earth, giving the soil nutrients that help to fertilize the surrounding lush green forests. It was amazing to watch so many different brown bears feasting at the creek, the biggest surprise was when a mother bear and 3 cubs arrived. There was a lot of excitement felt amongst all the photographers and wildlife lovers. One thing is for sure, Hyder is well worth the 18 hour drive.
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